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Jacob here, after the closing of the video vault over at Expansion Mansion I feel there is a need for a site to contain all of the anime, movie and clips that contain breast and belly expansion.

This is the result I am making this website.

If you wish to see this site stay online or expand feel free to make a donation with the button at the top of this page.

This is a clip only site I will not upload whole anime movies for obvious reasons.

The video clip listed on this site are from all over the web. If you have trouble viewing any of them just download the k pack mega and 64 bit if you have it from:
You can also use the vlc player from:

All that being said please enjoy and visit the contact us page if there are clips that are not posted.


UPDATE: 4-13-16

New Movie Clip:


UPDATE: 10-14-15

All New Forums. (And reset after breaking)

UPDATE: 6-5-15

Sorry for the very long time between updates.

With the closing of EM a large number of content providing people seem to have just lost contact.

There are a few of us gathering over at

I hope to more people so we can get the content moving once more.

I have uploaded two old DanielSan videos that I run across into the CG page.

Abduction and Xaerobourga

I hope that he does not mind if he is floating around.

UPDATE: 1-21-15

Movie Clip

Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1 Clip

CG Clip


UPDATE: 3-31-14

New CG Clip Clip Red Girl v.s. Pig Man

I really recommend buying this over at dlsite to support this amazing content provider.


UPDATE: 2-1-14

New versions  of the bondage game clips. Much better quality.


UPDATE: 1-15-14

Sorry for the long delay. The holidays is my worst time of the year for free time.

Three new clip today and have many more that I need to sort though soon.


Koutetsu no Majo Annerose - 02

OnaX2 Ep1


Neon Genitals Erogelion

UPDATE: 11-4-13

Added a link to to the links page.

A great new site.

UPDATE: 10-30-13

Added a link to a forum post over at hongfire to the links page.

It is a huge list of content that I am still in the process of looking though.

Thanks largely to this list I now have a growing list of clips that people have said there is content in but I do not have the clips.

I have added the Missing Page for this list.

I am asking for your help in finding the clips so that we all may enjoy them.

UPDATE: 10-21-13

Updated the link to the Pregnant Community to their new address:

UPDATE: 9-23-13

Manyuu Hiken chou 1, 2, and 4 clips are now up.

There are a few more in this series but they are short and more play than expansion.


Koutetsu no Majo Annerose - 02

Shin Ringetsu 02

Also downloading Queens blade and Dororon Enma to see what they have to offer.

UPDATE: 8-12-13

Luv Wave Vol 2, this is a old one but good one. I thought I had it but did not.

Seikon no Qwaser 21: Thank you for your submitting this one.

I am working of clipping down Manyuu Hiken sorry it is taking so long.

UPDATE: 5-29-13

One New Clip:

Return to Nukem High Clip under movies.

The unknown clip is now known:  Mouryou no Nie BAD END -  01

There is a Mouryou no Nie BAD END -  02 however I am having trouble cliping it. If someone can get me the clips I would be very greatful.

To the admins over at expansion mansion: If there is anything I can do to help get every thing back online just let me know.

UPDATE: 3-18-13

The vault has found a new home.

You should notice much faster speeds now.

Still need help with the unknown Clip if anyone

knows a name please let me know.

UPDATE:  2-23-13

Four New Clips:

Mahou Shoujo Erena 03 Clip 1

Mahou Shoujo Erena 03 Clip 2

Mahou Shoujo Erena 03 Clip 3

Unknown Clip 2

Unknown Clip 2

Need help on the unknown Clip.

I do not know the name of it.

If anyone can help me out I would be grateful.

UPDATE:  12-10-13

Two New Clips:

Demon Beast Invasion Ep01 Clip

Kangoku 2 Clip

UPDATE: 1-23-13


Kyuuketsuki Vol 2

Dokidoki Haha Musume Lesson Vol 23

Tentacle and Witches - Episode 4-I Got the Harem Ending


The Madness of Robins Own Screwhole Clip 1

The Madness of Robins Own Screwhole Clip 2

I really like the new Tentacle and Witches.

Kyuuketsuki is not bad.

The Vault collection website.